Interactive Bench

I was surfing the web and came across this new interactive bench designed by MAPT in Copenhagen. The bench lights up as people walk by and changes color as you sit and play with it. The bench also has 3 built in games for children and adults. This should help pass the time while relaxing in the park. To read more about it you can visit the website here:


The Power of Social Media: Overthrowing Governments

Many researchers are looking into the power that social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are having on organizing the overthrowing of governments such as Tunisia and potentially Egypt. An NPR story Social Media gets Credit For Tunisian Overthrow reports a young tech-saavy popoulation staging the world’s first “cyber-net revolution”.

world 2 0 2 0

social media…for positive or negative? cause for shallow relationships??…will it result in people having mere acquaintances or real friends?

tech c u l t u r e!

As convenience increases, is solitude on the increase as well?

Technology is shrinking our physical social interactions and turning them into passive communications and transactions via   netwroked technologies.

Checkout what Apple has on mind.

Architect- Idea for Future Website

Being an archiecture student I am very interested in portfolios and representation of work. This is a great website which was created by an archiect which is interactive and highly crafted. I think it is a great idea to create something like this which is electronic to submit to future employers.

Interactive Zune Website

Check out this website! It is an amazing expierence. This is a great interactive website. It feels almost as if it were a video. I believe it is made using Flash. Very impressive and enjoyable! It relates to the discussion of action/outcome. If you hold down on the button you travel through the space and when you stop then you freeze in that world.

A new breed of maps

I think that interactive maps such as the one for the Atlantis Resort, provide potential customers with an entirely new and interactive way to research where they wish to stay on a vacation. Previous maps used to be in 2d which did not provide the level of interaction and detail that the new maps provide. One can now visualize the resort without being there helping both customer and merchant. I think all parks and resorts should invest in these new types of maps to increase customer traffic and thus profits.

i n v e r s e p y r a m i d – a social networking experiment

In a bid to study behavioral economics, social networking, and game theory, DARPA  offered prize money to anyone who found 10 weather balloons located around the country.

The aim of the network challenge was to explore the unprecedented ability of the Internet to bring people together to solve tough problems and to mark the Internet’s 40th birthday.

Also to exhibit how the Internet has become an integral part of society and the global economy over the years.