Playstation 3 not the only gaming platform with a new arsenal.

AR gamers can now purchase a gun shaped holder from AppToyz that mounts smartphones equipped with Augmented Reality games to enhance the realism of the shooter gaming experience. Uses two rubber “thumbs” controlled with a trigger and button for endless AR shooting fun.

Face Recognition in the I-Phone’s future?

Future of I-Phone includes possibilities of auto tagging photos, unlocking with facial recognition, ability to get recent tweets and posts of an individual by pointing face finder at them, and gathering contact information by taking a photo of an individual.

Konstruct Augmented Drawing Board

Free APP on site ^

Augmented reality turns your I-Phone into a geometry constructor. By utilizing the video camera on the I-Phone Konstruct gathers color data and creates 3D geometry within the image based on voice command. The louder the users voice gets the bigger the Geometries grow. By moving back and forth users can shift the canvas off the screen and draw more shapes. By moving back to any location with Geometries already drawn the I-phone repopulates the screen with the shapes as drawn originally.

touchless touchscreen

Flash touchscreen without the touch. By using ultrasonic sensory devices the user can click the screen by approaching close to the surface and move around using any object, hand, finger, pen ect…..  Say good bye to the finger smudges !

Table Talking with an Arduino

What would your speech look like? What shape would a conversation with friends take? A few students designed a table to explore the invisible world of dialect. Creating a visible representation of human speech displayed on the surface of a coffee table. An arduino is used to recognize and distinguish different voices and projects them as individual colors, floating and morphing as the conversation goes on.