Visit the Amazon website

A well designed homepage that represents The Green Destination of Brazil, the Amazon rainforest and its rich environment and biodiversity.  It is known that a small portion of dense spots in the rainforest can have more diversity of life than in the role North America. I also include on this post, a recent article “the last stand of the Amazon” from novelist Edward Docx.

” In the forest, there are no horizons and so the dawn does not break but is instead born in the trees – a wan and smoky blue. I twist in my hammock. The total darkness, which has been broken only by the crazy dance of the fireflies, is fading and now shapes are forming – branches, fronds, vines, bushes, leaves, thorns, the soaring reach of the canopy, the matted tangle of the understorey. The crazed clamour of the night – growls, hoots, croaks – has died away and for a moment there is almost hush. This is also the only time of cool and I can see thin fingers of mist curling through the trunks and drifting across the river beyond. A butterfly passes in the quavering grace of its flight. Then, suddenly, the great awakening begins and the air is filled with a thousand different songs, chirps, squawks and screeches – back and forth, far and near, all around. So loud and so raucous and so declarative of life is this chorus that nothing anywhere in the world can prepare you for it. I am camped deep in the Brazilian Amazon with my guide.”


This is a well done futuristic home page with movement and music interelated.

Entheogenic is a musical project consisting of Piers Oak-Rhind and Helmut Glavar that crosses musical style boundaries. It mixes coloristic electrophonics with impressionistic orchestra-like sound.

The use of both eastern and western vocals, tribal sounding instruments, as well as an array of synthesizers built the foundation of the Entheogenic sound. Their epic soundscapes manipulated through sound effects and catalystic sonic experimentations have a semi-classical feel to them. Entheogenic also records and uses a large amount of “natural samples” – water, human voices, animals, etc.

Search Engine That Fits Your Hobbies

I came across some of the most interesting info and websites out there when I “stumbled upon” this website. I think it is a unique, fun and interactive method of search engine for some of the topics that might interest individuals. It also integrates the concept of social networking to give better search results. One down side I found was that I cannot choose from a list. That gives me no choice but to go through what they provide.

Architect- Idea for Future Website

Being an archiecture student I am very interested in portfolios and representation of work. This is a great website which was created by an archiect which is interactive and highly crafted. I think it is a great idea to create something like this which is electronic to submit to future employers.