Arduino Tutorials

Hello everyone,

I was running through some tutorials on youtube and I came across this series of tutorials for the Arduino, so I figured I’d share them in case anyone was interested. The link the the first tutorial of many is .

He starts with a very basic introduction and builds into more advanced work. It may or may not help you to look at these for the final project, but maybe they can become useful for future projects. I have been amazed at the amount you can do with such a simple device, and it is something I want to play around with in the future as a hobby. For anyone in the same boat, these are some easy tutorials.


Flash in a Flash

For those of you who, like me, found “stop();” to be a brand new way to control Adobe Flash I’ve found a tutorial series targeted right at me.  It’s an series featuring John Schuman who guides a new Flash user through six episodes which touch on a variety of content creation and control techniques.  The link to the main page is posted below.

In the comments section of Episode one, source files have been posted for the majority of the work covered.

flash tutorials

since a lot of us are new to working intensively with flash, i wanted to let people know that there are many, many, many websites that supply tutorials for doing various things in the program.  since there are several different versions of flash, you just have to make sure that you are looking at the right tutorial (this goes for actionscript 2 and 3 also).  here are a couple of sites that i have used in the past.