Project Idea

The idea I have been thinking about for the final project is to visually represent the intensity of sound made by a person through an array of dots that either increase or decrese in size. Sound could be detected by a series of SPL sensors located at the corners and perhaps midpoints of the array that would sense sound intensity. A gradient would be made from the sensor detecting the higher sound level to the sensors with the lower sound levels. The same idea could be accomplished by using the Kinect and representing the persons position in front of the array, similar to this project…


This is an interesting project I stumbled across. It’s called forms and is by visual artists Memo Akten and Quayola and generates 3D forms based on the movement of Olympic athletes.  It doesn’t state explicitly, but I’m betting their using some form of motion tracking and using a code to generate the shapes along the athletes’ trajectories.

I found this really intriguing, because of the visual quality and because of how the distorted the original objects, the athletes, become using more linear and particle based elements. I’ve watch versions of this that show footage of the actual athletes in action and ones that don’t, and without the raw video as a point of reference I personally found it difficult to piece together what each form is.

If you check out Quayola’s website you can see the video without the raw footage, as well as a video that starts to break down the process.


Project Idea


This is an LCD displayed plant placing in a public place. The sensor will collect the data on how many people are around and how far they are. Then , the data is transferred to computer to control plant. The closer people get, the faster the plant grows. And the more the people are around, more branches the tree generates and more complicating shape the tree grows.



and here are my practice, exercises and assignments  link to assignments

Open Source vulnerabilities

Heres a link and article i stumbled upon why looking through my LinkedIn page.

Article describes how open source libraries and codes are very vulnerable to attacks, hackers and threats.  They state that a huge portion of the open source library that many companies use is subject to these attacks or hackers and that information may easily be taken from those who use the code .  They also state that even when a risk or vulnerability is exposed or found little is done to remedy it or let the users know, and that in order to keep track of all the open source libraries and codes users and companies would have to spend tons of time online, on blogs and forums just to hear from people and see what may be happening with the codes.  I dont know all that much about open source and these kinds of things but its interesting how everything gets so easily in a way attacked and corrupted, especially things that we use on a daily basis, if you read through the list of most affected codes some of them are by top companies such as google.  These codes may be infected and used to extract important information from companies which could be a risk to everyone but to me it seems like that would have always been a risk with an open source code that anyone can use and manipulate (although i do not know how all these things work).  Anyway i thought this article was somewhat interesting due to the fact that open source is used a lot not and large companies use it.

FLARE Automated Facade System

I found this company online that builds this mechanical facade system and thought it as pretty cool. Each of the “pixels” are moved by their own individual pneumatic cylindar. As they move, light reflects off them differently to give the illusion of lighting or darkening that single pixel. The entire system is computer controlled to create interesting patterns or animated visualizations.

This is a link to a video on the FLARE website.


Automated Robot

I thought this article was quite interesting, a group of people created a program/robot that maps its own coordinates and learns from them to understand the environment it is going into and assess the situatin.  Usually these types of robots are remote controlled and there is a camera placed on them so the navigator can see where they are steering it but this robot takes rescue and this type of machine to a whole new level.  It basically does things on its own, gathers information through many types of sensors it has and if it does not know its surrounding it basically starts mapping the area so it can then navigate through it and know where it went and what not.

I think this is a pretty kool new piece of technology that will definitely come in hand for rescue situations where we can send in a automated robot with little to no control of it and give it direction to save someone or do something with little to no risk to human life.


Assignment 4

For Assignment 4 i made triangles and changed a lot of parameters with the triangles that at first i was not sure what it would do but at the end it came out quite interesting.  some of the parameters or values i added into the custom class of random colors started to make the triangles see throught, so you were able to see one under the other which i thought was pretty kool because once they overlapped you still get to see them.

Then also i added a rotation into the code which actually made the triangles rotate through 3d space, so on mouse click they all start appearing and floating but at the same time slowly rotating as they are moving along the screen which was another pretty interesting factor.   It also depended on where i put the rotation code because if i inserted it into certain parts of the code it would actually on mouse click open up a new window or change the previous one into a window where the triangles were just rotating and once i released the mouse the screen would go back to triangles just appearing onto the screen.