An insight into SOPA and PIPA for those interested and unsure.

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This is a great video if your someone who doesn’t really know what SOPA and PIPA stand for or are intended to do. I myself, was unsure of the overall effect on the internet that these bills would have. Although they SOPA/PIPA acts were postponed thusfar, it is good to know what they are about, because congress will continue to proposed bills like this as long as money is green and media companies pay out. Clay Shirky is easy to listen to and the video is really interesting, see feel free to watch it. Enjoy~ P.S. If SOPA/PIPA were passed I wouldn’t have the ability to share this video with you!

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Cheap Substitute for a Mini Computer

This is a Gateway computer chip that performs well enough to get internet running. Its efficiency is almost the same as cell phone. Although it is redundant to have something like this when you have a cell phone, it is a convenient substitute for those who do not have either. For $25 creating a version of mini computer is not a bad idea.!5799287/want-a-25-computer

Time spent on computer…

There has been a lot of discussions concerning how youth spends over seven hours a day on average on computer like media. I used to be one of the individuals who were not in favor of this, as I thought children were missing the creative play in the real world. Although, from listening to what is happening with computer based play, my view is beginning to change.  Such games such as Little Big Planet which allow individuals the build and create their own virtual space is a much more sophisticated way to have creative play.