Surround Sound Technology to View Outside the TV

This is a project that lets you see beyond your TV screen. The designer uses a phone or a tablet to move around in different directions to see what’s happening off screen using “surround sound” technology.

I think this would be a great idea for solving mysteries or situations happening beyond what security cameras could capture.

The Process of Learning a Word

Deb Roy studied the environment around his child to see how he learns a new language and how that develops over time. What I found interesting with this idea was the methodology he used to conduct this research. He documented the process over time in such a way that he was able to filter out the words that the baby heard the most and the people he was around the most. Based on this, he was able to diagram a process of his language learning. He used simple technology such as camera around the house. However he was able to extract the data that was relevant to his study.

Sixth Sense Technology

Pranav Mistry explains his innovations which connects actions in the physical world with the digital world. I found some of his ideas very convenient, especially having the pen that transfers 3d drawings in the physcial world to the computer models. As an architect, that would be very convenient for us.  I assumed this similar technology was already out there, for example when doctors perform virtual surgeries. However, he took the same idea to another level and made it for everyday life friendly.

Architecture Research Firm Integrates Computational Methods in Their Designs

This is a great architecture firm that integrates latest technologies with architecture. Many of their works are parametric. They use different alogrithms to come up with functional forms. Having a grasshopper studio this semester, the processes of the works made a lot more sense to me.

tech c u l t u r e!

As convenience increases, is solitude on the increase as well?

Technology is shrinking our physical social interactions and turning them into passive communications and transactions via   netwroked technologies.

Checkout what Apple has on mind.