Interactive Tattoo, Animated Graffiti, and an Ice Robot

Earlier this semester, I found an artist (Karl Marc) who, in collaboration with the Ballatine’s whiskey company, experiments with interactive artwork. More specifically, his artwork is directly influenced by his audience through their posts on Facebook. In this article, there are three Human API (Application Programming Interface) pieces of artwork that come alive in interactivity after their completion. They include an interactive tattoo, live animated graffiti, and an ice robot.

Here is the link:

Assignment 1-Understanding Processing, Radoslaw Bafia

Radoslaw Bafia

So, Basically I opened processing and went to certain examples which I thought would be a bit more challenging. I found an Image Explode function which was interesting. It is interactive and allows the user to scroll their mouse over the image to pixelate and explode it. Shown below is the original code and result:

Next: I proceeded to adjust some values including figuring out how to change and load the image and resize the screen in order for the new image to fit:

Pictured below are the results:

Above:This is the image by itself- with a re-sized viewing window.

Below: This is the image pixelated after the mouse is moved from left to right.

A Second example included a simple math function where I adjust many values including background color, line stroke, line length, and the location of the segment to create a very different looking function with the same behavior.See below:

Included is the code and highlighted are the changes.

I would like to acknowledge the authors of the original code, and mention that this was used only for testing purposes.

I will continue to experiment with processing, and hopefully it will lead to a rewarding final project for networked technologies.

Until then Cya,


Trash Mirror

The has trash collected from streets of NYC.  4 mechanical mirrors are made of various materials and have the same behavior and interaction.Any person standing in front of one of these pieces is instantly reflected on its surface. The mechanical mirrors all have video cameras, motors and computers on board and produce a soothing sound as the viewer interacts with them.

New Social Networking Technology Connectibles

This is similar to social networking sites like facebook. The users are doing similar things. However, this project is rooted in more of physical interactions rather than graphical interactions on the computer. The connectibles are object based interactivity and have different definitions and tasks. I do not see this as a very convenient method as the objects are not as portable as computer graphics and websites do.