Surround Sound Technology to View Outside the TV

This is a project that lets you see beyond your TV screen. The designer uses a phone or a tablet to move around in different directions to see what’s happening off screen using “surround sound” technology.

I think this would be a great idea for solving mysteries or situations happening beyond what security cameras could capture.

Future Story Book and Drawing Book

This is a paper-based platform that blends physical and digital techniques for story creation.It allows to view, edit, and share information instantly. It is done by projecting on the paper surface. This project would be great for kids learning environment. A lot of the things kids already do at schools such as drawing, reading, and story telling, all could be done with this digital book using interactivity. The projection also creates less mess for art projects and it is easier to share.

Tables Light Up in Reaction to Sound, Making Them Breathing Tables

The tables light up when there is sound waves and stay calm when there is none. They also react to each other when they are placed against each other.  I think it is a neat idea to show interactivity and a a fun tool. It’s hard for me to imagine what this would be used for though. The only thing I could think of as another innovation for security alarm system.