Flash Example of Buckminster Fuller Concept

This is a nice flash example of a flash project that integrates Fuller’s concept of geometries and their parameters.



Adobe Unveils ‘Wallaby’ Flash-to-HTML5 Converter.

Even though its Flash technology is used as a punching bag by web standards fans, Adobe has been working hard to embrace HTML5. The company released its own HTML5 video player, and Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver CS5 contain a number of new HTML5 export tools. Now Adobe is turning its HTML5 attentions to Flash with the release of Wallaby, a new Flash-to-HTML5 converter.

Wallaby isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, but you can grab the pre-release version from Adobe Labs if you’d like to experiment.

My Flash Website Experience

I remembered discussing during the beginning of the semester that we should go out and explore websites that utilize flash.  So, I thought I would share with everyone three sites that I know of personally that incorporate flash into them.  These three websites are for architecture firms in Chicago.  I worked on designing and building the second and third sites while working for both of the firms.  The first one is a previous firm the partners worked for, and I was shown this as an example of what we originally considered doing.  Here are the links:


Interactive Zune Website

Check out this website! It is an amazing expierence. This is a great interactive website. It feels almost as if it were a video. I believe it is made using Flash. Very impressive and enjoyable! It relates to the discussion of action/outcome. If you hold down on the button you travel through the space and when you stop then you freeze in that world.