Kanye Game

I ran across this from reddit lol. Figured I’d share it. It seems to be written in javascript, but javascript is very similar to processing. It just reminded me of some of the lessons we have learned in the recent classes. Its pretty funny too, and actually kind of challenging and fun to play. This is definitely something that we can make in processing. Anyways, here’s the link. Enjoy :


There;s already people who figured out how to cheat the system, but its still fun. It seems to have become a web hit lol. So who’s to say one of our projects can’t be a web hit?


An insight into SOPA and PIPA for those interested and unsure.

Hey all,
This is a great video if your someone who doesn’t really know what SOPA and PIPA stand for or are intended to do. I myself, was unsure of the overall effect on the internet that these bills would have. Although they SOPA/PIPA acts were postponed thusfar, it is good to know what they are about, because congress will continue to proposed bills like this as long as money is green and media companies pay out. Clay Shirky is easy to listen to and the video is really interesting, see feel free to watch it. Enjoy~ P.S. If SOPA/PIPA were passed I wouldn’t have the ability to share this video with you!

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Surround Sound Technology to View Outside the TV

This is a project that lets you see beyond your TV screen. The designer uses a phone or a tablet to move around in different directions to see what’s happening off screen using “surround sound” technology.

I think this would be a great idea for solving mysteries or situations happening beyond what security cameras could capture.