Project Idea

For the project, I would like to explore interactivity with lights displayed on Crown’s.  I found an example of a project where people could interact with a projection according to their gestures:

Future Story Book and Drawing Book

This is a paper-based platform that blends physical and digital techniques for story creation.It allows to view, edit, and share information instantly. It is done by projecting on the paper surface. This project would be great for kids learning environment. A lot of the things kids already do at schools such as drawing, reading, and story telling, all could be done with this digital book using interactivity. The projection also creates less mess for art projects and it is easier to share.

The architectural future of cities

One of the most revolutionary architects of our generation walks through his most impressive designs. We all know this website  entitled  Bjarke Ingles Group “BIG” watching Bjarke Ingels on CNN  talking about the great design diagrams. Truly demonstrated how simple innovative design ideas become powerful.

world 2 0 2 0

social media…for positive or negative? cause for shallow relationships??…will it result in people having mere acquaintances or real friends?

tech c u l t u r e!

As convenience increases, is solitude on the increase as well?

Technology is shrinking our physical social interactions and turning them into passive communications and transactions via   netwroked technologies.

Checkout what Apple has on mind.