Dishmaker by Interactive Fabrication.

The Dishmaker is a project from the MIT Media Lab’s former ‘Counter Intelligence Group’by Leonardo Bonanni. He describes it as ‘…a new kind of appliance that makes cups, bowls and plates on demand and recycles them when you’re done’. Check out the video below for an overview of the system.

m a p p i n g cities _mobile landscapes project

Cellphones sort of being used as GPS units to map the use of city spaces has been explored here.

The electronic maps of cellphone usage were overlaid with geographic and city street maps to produce  real time electronic landscapes of the city.

Opportunities for new approaches to city planning and transportation via new urban studies facilitated by technology arise.

Free Education. Learn on your own.

I hate going to class. This is why. Too bad you cant get a free degree for time spent watching other lectures at other schools. Do yourself a favor and learn on your own. These are form berkely and there is also a link for mit’s version ont he page in the intro paragraph. I think Berkely also does a 1 year master’s program for the 5 year bachelor graduates out there.

See me if you get confused witht he site the original one used to be far easier to use. I just re-checked the link and was confused myself.