Fun Interactive Art

Golan Levin is an artist and engineer. He creates interactive works of art, many times using programs exactly similar to processing. In this TED talk he describes some of his work. One of the things that was more interesting that he talked about was an art display where anytime a loop or closed figure was made by the silhouette of people, it formed a shape which then dropped due to gravity.

Here you see some images of the type of interactivity that was created. Another project he did was placing a large eyeball figure on top of a roof and had it react to people walking up to the building, always making a surprised look through its form.

[link to TED talk]

Rafaël Rozendaal

Rafaël Rozendaal is a visual artist who “uses the internet as his canvas”. His artistic practice consists of websites, installations, drawings, and writing.

He ends up basically creating a new idea or website on a new domain name every single time, this allows him to attract a wide range of people from all over, he gets over 12 million unique visits per year.
One of his cooler works that I liked was “from the dark past“. Clicking the mouse gives you a spotlight amongst the ground creating unknown darkness around, then clicking it again, illuminates the whole scene. Most of his other works are represented by icons across the top of the page.

Act/ React Interactive Art

The Milwaukee Art Museum is featuring a new exhibition called “Act/ React Interactive Art” the exhibit will be there only until January and it is really worth the trip to Milwaukee. This is the first extensive exhibition of digitally developed interactive art. The ten installations invite the visitor to move through the space and to experience how your body motions affect the Art. My favorite installation is by Daniel Rozin, the installation captures the visitor’s reflection by rearranging what seem to be static pixels.