Virtual World

I wanted to add to the discussion regarding “can you see me now”. I really am not shocked if in the near future everyone exists within a virtual world and the present. I can only imagine that the virtual world would mimic the real but allow for individuals to be more expressive and free. For example an individual would be able to approach another more easily. It is quite scary that we may all have a dual life? Would their need to be police regulating just as in the virtual what would you be able to do and not to do? Is it good or bad I can not answer that but I think it will come. This may be the next big Facebook like idea. There are some examples of this in the making.

Collaborative Filtering

The topic of collaborative filtering was brought up in class today. This  is great for businesses to try and connect with users and recommend items which they may like. Although, as a user I feel my information is being used without my consent. There are huge privacy concerns with collaborative filtering. Even when I come back to a site like amazon it remembers me and is storing information on me. I feel my privacy is being invaded and that my permission should be asked of in order to store information about what I like, buy, or am interested in. The internet and technologies which go along with it just seem to not be a safe in keeping ones identity/likes ect  safe .

This topic brings me to the idea of Facebook. Facebook is being used a networking tool, but again has the same privacy concerns and can be detrimental to many. Those who post interesting pictures of partying should really question if they want that information to portrayed of them especially to potential employers. It seems if something is put on the internet about you it will be there forever.

world 2 0 2 0

social media…for positive or negative? cause for shallow relationships??…will it result in people having mere acquaintances or real friends?

i n v e r s e p y r a m i d – a social networking experiment

In a bid to study behavioral economics, social networking, and game theory, DARPA  offered prize money to anyone who found 10 weather balloons located around the country.

The aim of the network challenge was to explore the unprecedented ability of the Internet to bring people together to solve tough problems and to mark the Internet’s 40th birthday.

Also to exhibit how the Internet has become an integral part of society and the global economy over the years.

Facebook visited more than Google

Saw this article on CNN about how for the first time since September 15, 2007 Google was not the most visited site in the US.  Facebook took that title showing the strength of web2.0 though Google had taken the title from MySpace so it will be interesting to see what happens next.  Will Google take back and maintain its spot? Will Facebook be replaced just like MySpace was?

Flash Mob Snowball Fight

I got this invite over facebook. see you there.

Snowball Fight – The Flurry Fury – CHICAGO, IL

[submitted-2008-10-23 19:51:22 PST]

Wednesday, January 14th @ 4:48 CST
Where: S. Riverside Plaza, Outside Union Station, Adams Rd. Entrance
My name is Matt Nissenbaum and I am attempting to orchestrate a


Alright, we encourage people dress warmly, but costumes and other clothing statements are fine too. We will need some help because I would like to fill some styrofoam coolers with snowballs just in case the supply in that area is limited and I would like it if someone could videotape the event.

Now that you have received your “mission”… there better be no
excuses and don’t be late or you may completely miss out. The snowball fight will commence when the horn is blown and it will end when the
horn is blown a second time. When the second horn is blown… we all
need to immediately stop and walk away as if nothing had ever happen.
Ignore, deny and inform anyone that ask about the incident that you
don’t know what they are talking.


*****I’m looking for sponsors and a venue for the after-party.*****