Assignment 4 – Interacting with objects

Download Assignment 4 files here.  In the comments of the code you will find a series of “TODO->” messages.  These explain the scope of the assignment.  In short, add new parameters to the data file, adjust the variables and constructor arguments of the CustomClass object definition, parse the xml accordingly, adjust the updateme function in the CustomClass to create animated variable values, interact with the mouse in some way. In each case there is the commented example from the walkthrough in class today.

Videos Relating to Possible Techniques for Flash

If you go to this website you can find fascinating videos which are reminiscent of Flash. If you search under authors and then Peer Bode, you will find a video called “Locomotion”. This is a great technique which can be used in Flash to create animation without actually animating the images/objects. It truly is very intelligent and impressive. On this site, there is another artist called Ernst Gusella. He has a great video which expresses how we think of using layers not in a typical way. For example a triangle being in front of a square yet a circle being in front the same square but in front of the triangle. It breaks the way we think of layering. It breaks the rules which is what Flash allows us to do.

Crossings and Meetings

I another class I was presented this video. It is called “Crossings and Meetings” by Ed Ernstwiller. The video I found on Youtube , does not have the full version, only an excerpt. It makes me think of Flash and how using frames makes scenes. The original version I believe can be found at the Art Institute or a library of sorts. The original version is much better because I shows individuals approaching each other saying hello and then walking back. Then, it is altered in slow motion, and slow talking. I would encourage trying to find the original. It gives a great idea of how to use Flash. The importance behind the video is simply the idea of how we think of using flash by assembling images to create animation.

Flash in a Flash

For those of you who, like me, found “stop();” to be a brand new way to control Adobe Flash I’ve found a tutorial series targeted right at me.  It’s an series featuring John Schuman who guides a new Flash user through six episodes which touch on a variety of content creation and control techniques.  The link to the main page is posted below.

In the comments section of Episode one, source files have been posted for the majority of the work covered.