Blog Fodder: Interactivity + Meaningful Play

Game and interactivity designers + scholars, Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman have written a fantastic book called Rules of Play. I highly recommend the book to anybody interested in the topic. While their objective is to interrogate the world of play and games, much of the prose is appropriate for design in general.

As both a catalyst for blog posting and a foundation for thinking about all of your work in this class, please read the following sections.

Unit 1: Section 3, Meaningful Play, pg 31-37

Unit1: Section 4, Design, pg 39-47

Unit1: Section 5, Systems, 49-55

Unit1: Section 6, Interactivity, 57-69

IIT students can access the entire book through, books 24×7 online … Here

Ctrl+Alt+Del Virtually Trained Military 

This article discusses the new generation of soldiers trained first in video games and then dropped into real combat to utilize the same killer instincts developed in competitive “friendly killing”. Some soldiers feel that they are placed in situations that seem unreal, just like calling in an air strike in Call Of Duty. However this is not Halo and the enemies can really kill you, yet soldiers feel less vulnerable and more combat ready because of there experiences in Computerized play.

Time spent on computer…

There has been a lot of discussions concerning how youth spends over seven hours a day on average on computer like media. I used to be one of the individuals who were not in favor of this, as I thought children were missing the creative play in the real world. Although, from listening to what is happening with computer based play, my view is beginning to change.  Such games such as Little Big Planet which allow individuals the build and create their own virtual space is a much more sophisticated way to have creative play.