Ovi Maps 3d beta.

Still searching for today’s internet time sink? Then look no further than Nokia’s just launched beta version of Ovi Maps 3D. Thanks to a little help from Navteq’s maps and some software wizardry, it’s now able to display cities in a new 3D view that you’re able to zoom in and around to your heart’s content.

Ovi Maps 3d beta.

via engadget.

A new breed of maps

I think that interactive maps such as the one for the Atlantis Resort, provide potential customers with an entirely new and interactive way to research where they wish to stay on a vacation. Previous maps used to be in 2d which did not provide the level of interaction and detail that the new maps provide. One can now visualize the resort without being there helping both customer and merchant. I think all parks and resorts should invest in these new types of maps to increase customer traffic and thus profits.


Interactive Arrow

Nokia recently hung a large signboard arrow above London to promote their Ovi maps.

This is a really cool example of how new technologies can work together to create a quite fun experience.  Things like this right now are more to show off the technology but I feel eventually they will start to develop them into more useful things.