My Flash Website Experience

I remembered discussing during the beginning of the semester that we should go out and explore websites that utilize flash.  So, I thought I would share with everyone three sites that I know of personally that incorporate flash into them.  These three websites are for architecture firms in Chicago.  I worked on designing and building the second and third sites while working for both of the firms.  The first one is a previous firm the partners worked for, and I was shown this as an example of what we originally considered doing.  Here are the links:

The architectural future of cities

One of the most revolutionary architects of our generation walks through his most impressive designs. We all know this website  entitled  Bjarke Ingles Group “BIG” watching Bjarke Ingels on CNN  talking about the great design diagrams. Truly demonstrated how simple innovative design ideas become powerful.

Killzone 3

Another week of glory for all the gaming people. The first-person shooter (Sony, Guerrilla Games) picks up where “Killzone 2” left off, with the opposition leader dead and a city in ruins after a nuclear bomb goes off. The gameplay quickly becomes run-and-gun, as players race to get out of a war zone where they are vastly outnumbered.

People coming together to…

From the example in class of individuals coming together in the Grand Central Train station to do a collective freezing action, I wanted to share another example like this with you. I do not remember where I came across this but its great. His name is Matt. He started traveling to different cities and countries and would do the same dance at each place. Later on when he would be coming to a certain city individuals would join him and dance. I believe he now gets paid to this by some company. It is amazing how the exposure of the internet can have such an effect on individuals and offer them opportunities.

Virtual World

I wanted to add to the discussion regarding “can you see me now”. I really am not shocked if in the near future everyone exists within a virtual world and the present. I can only imagine that the virtual world would mimic the real but allow for individuals to be more expressive and free. For example an individual would be able to approach another more easily. It is quite scary that we may all have a dual life? Would their need to be police regulating just as in the virtual what would you be able to do and not to do? Is it good or bad I can not answer that but I think it will come. This may be the next big Facebook like idea. There are some examples of this in the making.


I came across this story concerning gps a couple of weeks back, and thought it would be a great example to respond to the discussions relating to gps. It truly is impressive how useful gps and tracking is. This article demonstrates how some individuals just do not think. Criminals stole a couples phone when raiding their house and were caught by police by the gps tracking on the phone. The same can be said if a car is stolen. It amazes me how thieves think they can get away with this.