Arduino Tutorials

Hello everyone,

I was running through some tutorials on youtube and I came across this series of tutorials for the Arduino, so I figured I’d share them in case anyone was interested. The link the the first tutorial of many is .

He starts with a very basic introduction and builds into more advanced work. It may or may not help you to look at these for the final project, but maybe they can become useful for future projects. I have been amazed at the amount you can do with such a simple device, and it is something I want to play around with in the future as a hobby. For anyone in the same boat, these are some easy tutorials.


touchless touchscreen

Flash touchscreen without the touch. By using ultrasonic sensory devices the user can click the screen by approaching close to the surface and move around using any object, hand, finger, pen ect…..  Say good bye to the finger smudges !

Table Talking with an Arduino

What would your speech look like? What shape would a conversation with friends take? A few students designed a table to explore the invisible world of dialect. Creating a visible representation of human speech displayed on the surface of a coffee table. An arduino is used to recognize and distinguish different voices and projects them as individual colors, floating and morphing as the conversation goes on.

Grasshopper and Arduino

We learned different ways of combining grasshopper and arduino in design studio this semester. This is an example that accomplishes that idea. Using grasshopper, the user set up an array of openings. He made the openings sensitive to points which are connected to ardunio. The openings have different parameters. So, as the user moves, the arduino senses the movement and moves the openings as a result.

The other project shows how this same idea of parametric design in grasshopper can be constructed in full scale and be responsive to sound using arduino.

It is interesting to see how so many people come up with so many different ideas and interactive tools using arduino. Even though the end result seems complex, all the projects are basically doing the same thing repeatedly.

Arduino Helps Create Customized Tools for Simple Everyday Functions

This article talks about the growing use arduino chips in creative ways in everyday life. In case of the bakery in the article, it automatically sends off tweets everytime there is a fresh batch coming out of the oven. I found the idea of swiping a credit card and getting different music even better. Arduino registers the numbers unique to each card and plays off a sound for each number. When played together, it creates great music.