Resonant Chamber

I came across this project on ArchDaily today. It is an interactive interior envelope that employs acoustic research that a firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “The aim of rvtr is to develop a soundsphere able to adjust its properties in response to changing sonic conditions, altering the sound of a space during performance and creating an instrument at the scale of architecture, flexible enough that it might be capable of being played.”

Yahoo! + Tronic Studio

In order for Yahoo! to develop a new marketing scheme to push its thriving products, they sought the help of tronic studio to help them produce a new interactive experience. When I first came across this video it made me think of processing – how the user has the ability to manipulate the program – but unlike processing you do not have to edit the script via a computer instead it is gestural-based, adapting as the current user makes body movements. It makes me start to think of the possibilities of our final project and how it will be interactive.

It’s also interesting to note tronic studio is a collaborative of architects( started by Jesse Seppi & Vivian Rosenthal, graduates of Colombia School of Architecture), designers and directors who explore creativity and technology through architecture, animation, experiential and interactive design. It’s worth checking out their website as well

Hyposurface = unlimited architecture potential

The Hyposurface is a free forming wall/skin that takes any number of inputs from internet to sound and touch and transforms its shape and frequency to do an unlimited number of effects. Use for text display, interactivity in touch and human movement, color washing, seating, and much much more.