Futuristic Architecture

video showing images of futuristic architecture and urban settings.  Some of the images represent buildings under construction or even existings ones.



Future City…

I read a book written by Mike Davis called the Planet of the Slums. I bring this up due to the discussion of the future city presented in class. There are many statistics in this book of population and how cities are growing tremendously in population size every day. I share this with you because this book states how the majority of individuals will end up living in cities in the future. The stat for this I believe was somewhere around 75% of the population will live in major city by 2025. This brings up an interesting point for how architecture will evolve and change because of this. For example Tadao Ando and his tight housing developments. I guess it just brings up an interesting point of space use( agriculture/farming, green space) especially with stats stating elsewhere that a high rise’s life expectancy is around 35-40 years.

Ray Kurzweil-Live Forever…

When discussing the theorist Ray Kurzweil and his ideas/predictions of the future I became very interested in his theory on the human body being able to live forever. I found an article going more into depth on this and it seems a little out there but i guess anything is possible. Over the years the life expectancy has risen, but not in huge jumps such as thirty to one hundred to 500 hundred, in which I find his idea more plausible. Although technology is constantly evolving and I imagine if not eternal than atleast life expectancy will rise do to some “nanobot” like object which could be placed in the body. This although is a bit scary and makes me think what will a human become? I find that we then would become more robotic.


Where Architecture is heading…

I wanted to bring up a point to something which was said in class by Professor Kearns. The idea that 3d modeling will be used to check that a building is to code. This is not unrealistic  by any means and I believe it is coming. The question I have is what is an architect at this point? Architects will seem to become more computer programmers and just as good if not better as a designer. Below is an article on how competitive the field is becoming and how employment/opportunities are decreasing tremendously. One thing is for sure the role of an architect will change and what we are being trained to do now may not matter much in twenty-five years.