Interactive Tattoo, Animated Graffiti, and an Ice Robot

Earlier this semester, I found an artist (Karl Marc) who, in collaboration with the Ballatine’s whiskey company, experiments with interactive artwork. More specifically, his artwork is directly influenced by his audience through their posts on Facebook. In this article, there are three Human API (Application Programming Interface) pieces of artwork that come alive in interactivity after their completion. They include an interactive tattoo, live animated graffiti, and an ice robot.

Here is the link:

Assignment 1: Exercise 2 Scripted Drawing

Begin with the SetupDraw.pde example.  This sketch structure establishes two core functions; the setup function that is called at the startup of the app, and a draw function which will be called in a loop until the app closes.  In this example a single variable is used to manage the y position of a line drawn with the line() method.  A conditional, if statement, is used to reset the value when it falls outside of the size of the window.

Explore the shape methods such as

2D Primitives

Using the above examples as a point of departure, create your own unique scripted drawing.  Add a for loop to the sequence to add multiplicity to the drawing.  Experiment with conditionals and simple mathematic expressions to add variation.

Benifits of knowing Programming-Software

With graduation approaching, even though I will be continuing my education, I have been searching for jobs out of curiosity. I have been hearing how rough it is out there, especially for the architecture field. I agree it is with very low paying starting positions, although there is one thing I have come across. It seems if one is very skilled with computers such as programming, IT stuff, and various programs it is very easy to get a job. If you go to any job search site look how there always is a ton of IT jobs and REVIT within architecture. From taking this class it can give some confidence and exposure to put one ahead of another job seeker. Computers and programming is a tremendous plus in this economy.