Kinetic Shadow Mapping

Kinetic Shadows is an engaging urban installation that shows the energy of Athens city life during the Olympics.  The shadows change throughout the day as well as the pedestrian interaction. During the night, the shadows light up. Pedestrians interact with this changing shadows throughout the day as they escape to this piece of sculpture for some cool air.


Scatter House Projects of Inexpensive Gadgets

The house is created from in expensive electronic gadgets.  This is an event held where people were allowed to bring their own gadgets and open them up to wire them to an installation.

Playing With Vision

This project is similar to my wooden panel post earlier. This project has the same configuration of panels. But, this one is not wired with camera. It has mirrors to display messages from hidden points. This is an interesting play with perspective. The mirrors give a pixelation effect that is more realistic than the computer generated image. This gives an interesting distorted view of the environment.

Tables Light Up in Reaction to Sound, Making Them Breathing Tables

The tables light up when there is sound waves and stay calm when there is none. They also react to each other when they are placed against each other.  I think it is a neat idea to show interactivity and a a fun tool. It’s hard for me to imagine what this would be used for though. The only thing I could think of as another innovation for security alarm system.