Resonant Chamber

I came across this project on ArchDaily today. It is an interactive interior envelope that employs acoustic research that a firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “The aim of rvtr is to develop a soundsphere able to adjust its properties in response to changing sonic conditions, altering the sound of a space during performance and creating an instrument at the scale of architecture, flexible enough that it might be capable of being played.”

Project Idea

The idea I have been thinking about for the final project is to visually represent the intensity of sound made by a person through an array of dots that either increase or decrese in size. Sound could be detected by a series of SPL sensors located at the corners and perhaps midpoints of the array that would sense sound intensity. A gradient would be made from the sensor detecting the higher sound level to the sensors with the lower sound levels. The same idea could be accomplished by using the Kinect and representing the persons position in front of the array, similar to this project…

Processing, Java, and Sound. Experimental Song Maker

I found this to be pretty interesting.

The guy seems to have used processing and java to create visuals which are interactive and can be created in different ways and sizes. Based on the interactive forms, there is a sound that loops. It seems the bigger he makes the circles, the longer it takes for the sound to loop. It allows you to make electronic music (experimental) using a simple function. This is pretty cool. I’d even consider doing something like this for finals. Not sure If I can achieve it with what little scripting I know, but it would be cool to try. The visuals themselves are just cool. Check out the video, and pictures. He also has a website

Overbug_Live_at_Argentina from dominofactory on Vimeo.

tactical s o u n d garden

Our interaction with the environment is not just visual but also includes ‘the audible’.

This article explains a new form of social interaction which is rooted in technology and interactive media.