Arduino Helps Create Customized Tools for Simple Everyday Functions

This article talks about the growing use arduino chips in creative ways in everyday life. In case of the bakery in the article, it automatically sends off tweets everytime there is a fresh batch coming out of the oven. I found the idea of swiping a credit card and getting different music even better. Arduino registers the numbers unique to each card and plays off a sound for each number. When played together, it creates great music.

Technique For Flash

In another class I was exposed to the artist Ken Jacobs. He creates videos which possess a great/easy technique for how to a  Flash video could be created. In the class I actually watched a video on Child Labor and all it was, was two images which created the whole video by movement back and forth and zoom in and out techniques. It is pretty remarkable that two images created the whole film. Sadly, I was not able to find a replica although i found a similar video which he created called Day and Night. This video too seems to only be composed of two images. It is hard on the eye but if you watch it long enough your eye begins to play tricks on you. This is very relivant in thinking of Flash as not this huge and long production but by a quick representation illustrating a movement.

Videos Helpful for Techniques in Flash

In my spatial stories class i was exposed to this piece of work. It appears it could be done by Flash. It uses collage/photo montage like techniques which I find to  be helpful when thinking of the capabilities of Flash. This author Lewis Klahr has produced many videos similar to this is style and if you like it and want to know more search his videos on YouTube. It’s a little abstract and out there but a good learning tool for what can be done.

Videos Relating to Possible Techniques for Flash

If you go to this website you can find fascinating videos which are reminiscent of Flash. If you search under authors and then Peer Bode, you will find a video called “Locomotion”. This is a great technique which can be used in Flash to create animation without actually animating the images/objects. It truly is very intelligent and impressive. On this site, there is another artist called Ernst Gusella. He has a great video which expresses how we think of using layers not in a typical way. For example a triangle being in front of a square yet a circle being in front the same square but in front of the triangle. It breaks the way we think of layering. It breaks the rules which is what Flash allows us to do.