GPS spreads to b u s i n e s s

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“Tracking devices can be placed on shipping containers coming into and traveling around the country. This is known as geofencing and is a prime tactic in controlling the transportation of hazardous materials. One large American port city has GPS devices installed on all the fuel tankers that commonly enter its port. If the tanker strays outside its proscribed route, a remote control system shuts off the tanker’s engines”


I came across this story concerning gps a couple of weeks back, and thought it would be a great example to respond to the discussions relating to gps. It truly is impressive how useful gps and tracking is. This article demonstrates how some individuals just do not think. Criminals stole a couples phone when raiding their house and were caught by police by the gps tracking on the phone. The same can be said if a car is stolen. It amazes me how thieves think they can get away with this.


In the architecture world gps is truly crucial. In my internship I have had experience with this. For example my employer and I were deciding on how to layout a very intrinsic stone wall layout over all types of slopes. It is not easy to go into the field and try to make markers on a site with lots of slopes. Our biggest concern was starting in the right place but the furthest end point to be off. In this example a gps was used to create this accuracy. Honesty, without the gps the contractors would have not been able to make the correct layout. Also, my boss was working on a golf course reconstruction and a gps was crucial once again when dealing with the water line. It is quite remarkable how gps allows for intrinsic projects and ideas to be conducted.

GPS-Running app

When discussing gps in class today i begin to think of how gps has really evolved. One of the greatest uses of gps for those who like to run, should really check out this Nike app. It’s great becasue it uses gps to track where you have been and how much you have run. Really useful if you are an outdoor runner.