The concept of mashup

First comes first: I lost my notebook for a couple of weeks, so I could not post all the stuff I have been harvesting during the semester. Sorry for the avalanche now…

I was revising my notes and I remembered a video by Negativland, included in a package called Our Favourite Things, which takes their sounds exploration into the world of film and video. I could not find  better example for MASHUP….

flickr mash

These are some mashups(in order of greatness, according to me) that utilize flickr…..Hopefully these do not ruin anybodys ideas for our next project, I know that they ruined a few of mine…..also a great link to a site that catagorizes and makes searchable mashups by application.

fake ads



sketch..                      molotron?                 color                   random plot

topic: Web 2.0

Please read and post relative to Tim O’reilly’s statement on what defines the Web2.0 paradigm shift.  I am especially interested in reviews of succesful web2.0 sites, apps, services.  Consider the notion of the mashup, its prominence as a creative action across mediums, and the ramifications of building models and intellectual property built around it.  Are there web2.0 architecture services or what might be one that could be useful.