m a p p i n g cities _mobile landscapes project

Cellphones sort of being used as GPS units to map the use of city spaces has been explored here.

The electronic maps of cellphone usage were overlaid with geographic and city street maps to produce  real time electronic landscapes of the city.

Opportunities for new approaches to city planning and transportation via new urban studies facilitated by technology arise.


tactical s o u n d garden

Our interaction with the environment is not just visual but also includes ‘the audible’.

This article explains a new form of social interaction which is rooted in technology and interactive media.


E-Reserves Activated

Don’t worry about not having read the requested reading for class today.  I will continue with my lecture as planned, blog posts can be done in a more asynchronous way with the goal of completing relevant posts before the presentations in two weeks.  The course reserves are now activated, you can access them here.