i n v e r s e p y r a m i d – a social networking experiment

In a bid to study behavioral economics, social networking, and game theory, DARPA  offered prize money to anyone who found 10 weather balloons located around the country.

The aim of the network challenge was to explore the unprecedented ability of the Internet to bring people together to solve tough problems and to mark the Internet’s 40th birthday.

Also to exhibit how the Internet has become an integral part of society and the global economy over the years.




Project 1: Digital Derive

Due in class September 11th

Using non-linear animation + temporal composition methods in Adobe Flash, create an interactive space grown from the experience and documentation of a physical derive. Begin the project with a derive through the city. Document your experience, syncronously or asyncronously using static 2d media (digital photography, scanned objects, scanned or digital drawings or maps). Users of your flash file should be able to navigate the digital landscape you create in a non-linear way, allowing them to experientially drift through the space.

Graded Technical Obectives
-import media into flash for use in the creation of symbols to organize your scene (2 pts)
-animate symbols using motion tweening on th e timeline (2 pts)
-utilize animation with symbols to create independent actions of instanced objects (2 pts)
-utilize buttons for interactive interface elements (2 pts)
-utilize frame actions for control of timeline/animations (2 pts)