Mies Hunt

Ever wanted to shoot Mies? well now you can! go to http://www.castordesign.ca/. Some Canadian design firm has a odd entrance to their flash based site.

Ben Fry

Ben Fry has done some interesting studies pertaining to visualizing data sets.  Much of his research is focused on genetics. Other explorations are mapping exercises looking at data like web use.   


Christine Marriott

E-Reserves Activated

Don’t worry about not having read the requested reading for class today.  I will continue with my lecture as planned, blog posts can be done in a more asynchronous way with the goal of completing relevant posts before the presentations in two weeks.  The course reserves are now activated, you can access them here.

Seeding the Blog

As indicated in your syllabus 20% of your grade in this class will be based on making meaningful, well crafted blog posts about content relevant to what we are discussing, reading, and developing.  To start this process off I ask that you read pages 3-25 introduction:rhizome from A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia by Gilles Deleuze + Felix Guattari.  The reading should or will soon, be available through the e-reserves.  An interesting web project re: A thousand plateaus, with a brief synopsis of the concept can be found here. In addition you should also watch the presentation below, by David Weinberger on his great book Everything is Miscellaneous.  This content should start your discussions, ruminations, and related content postings

Project 1: Digital Derive

Due in class September 11th

Using non-linear animation + temporal composition methods in Adobe Flash, create an interactive space grown from the experience and documentation of a physical derive. Begin the project with a derive through the city. Document your experience, syncronously or asyncronously using static 2d media (digital photography, scanned objects, scanned or digital drawings or maps). Users of your flash file should be able to navigate the digital landscape you create in a non-linear way, allowing them to experientially drift through the space.

Graded Technical Obectives
-import media into flash for use in the creation of symbols to organize your scene (2 pts)
-animate symbols using motion tweening on th e timeline (2 pts)
-utilize animation with symbols to create independent actions of instanced objects (2 pts)
-utilize buttons for interactive interface elements (2 pts)
-utilize frame actions for control of timeline/animations (2 pts)