Ray Kurzweil-Live Forever…

When discussing the theorist Ray Kurzweil and his ideas/predictions of the future I became very interested in his theory on the human body being able to live forever. I found an article going more into depth on this and it seems a little out there but i guess anything is possible. Over the years the life expectancy has risen, but not in huge jumps such as thirty to one hundred to 500 hundred, in which I find his idea more plausible. Although technology is constantly evolving and I imagine if not eternal than atleast life expectancy will rise do to some “nanobot” like object which could be placed in the body. This although is a bit scary and makes me think what will a human become? I find that we then would become more robotic.


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social media…for positive or negative? cause for shallow relationships??…will it result in people having mere acquaintances or real friends?