Mapping America: every city, every block.

Browse local data from the Census Bureau’s american Community Survey, based on samples from 2005 to 2009. Because these figures are based on samples, they are subject to a margin  of error, particularly in places with low population, and are best regarded as estimates.

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Future City…

I read a book written by Mike Davis called the Planet of the Slums. I bring this up due to the discussion of the future city presented in class. There are many statistics in this book of population and how cities are growing tremendously in population size every day. I share this with you because this book states how the majority of individuals will end up living in cities in the future. The stat for this I believe was somewhere around 75% of the population will live in major city by 2025. This brings up an interesting point for how architecture will evolve and change because of this. For example Tadao Ando and his tight housing developments. I guess it just brings up an interesting point of space use( agriculture/farming, green space) especially with stats stating elsewhere that a high rise’s life expectancy is around 35-40 years.