Interactive New York Map

One of the big advantages to parametric modeling and software like processing is the ability to pull figures and data from other areas. This can start to be really useful when trying to visual data and find weak spots in current systems. With this current map that has been developed, we are able to see ‘Estimated Total Annual Building Energy Consumption at the Block and Lot Level for NYC’. Tools like this allow us to visualize weak points in energy grids (this instance) and where consumption could be worked on. It makes us more precise in developing solutions to a lot of the problems we are facing today.

[link to the map here]

Hinged Walls…

Similar to the project Professor Kearns and his partners have done with the movable hinged wall, I found another idea like this called the Storefront for Art and Architecture in  New York City which is an art gallery. It has a series of hinged walls which are movable and I am assuming could be made using an arduino like device along with code as illustrated in class. If you want to know more than read the article.