Final Project Rearrange

So for a while I was trying to figure out how to create something to more accurately map the motions of my dog in a game of fetch (she jumps and it was something I had already been playing with), but more recently I am making a change to just making a flash drawing program that combines Johnny Lee’s Wii whiteboard software with a wii nunchuck arduino adapter.  Basically I hope to mount an infrared LED on the wii nunchuck, to track it (x,y) and use its internal accelerometers to get the speed and direction of movement to control color, lineweight, etc.  The buttons and joystick could also function as eraser or delete all buttons.  The idea is to have a program that could be projected and then full scale motions could be converted to a visual form.  If possible, I’d like to log the data in a spreadsheet to possibly use as an input in grasshopper for converting form to 3d models.

Thus far, I have a working drawing program from the mouse and am trying to figure out how a serial proxy works (I am very new at dealing with serial prints and reads)

For some more info, check out Johnny Lee’s website:

and the album of images of my dog jumping that kind of got this whole thing started: (should be a public link and work for everyone)
Any advice?

Structure with nice facade…

I wanted to share this parking structure with you that uses Led technology to illuminate the facade. I thought this is relevant when discussing how technology influences architecture and structure design, similarly as some of the examples presented in class.