world 2 0 2 0

social media…for positive or negative? cause for shallow relationships??…will it result in people having mere acquaintances or real friends?


tech c u l t u r e!

As convenience increases, is solitude on the increase as well?

Technology is shrinking our physical social interactions and turning them into passive communications and transactions via   netwroked technologies.

Checkout what Apple has on mind.

i n v e r s e p y r a m i d – a social networking experiment

In a bid to study behavioral economics, social networking, and game theory, DARPA  offered prize money to anyone who found 10 weather balloons located around the country.

The aim of the network challenge was to explore the unprecedented ability of the Internet to bring people together to solve tough problems and to mark the Internet’s 40th birthday.

Also to exhibit how the Internet has become an integral part of society and the global economy over the years.

m a p p i n g cities _mobile landscapes project

Cellphones sort of being used as GPS units to map the use of city spaces has been explored here.

The electronic maps of cellphone usage were overlaid with geographic and city street maps to produce  real time electronic landscapes of the city.

Opportunities for new approaches to city planning and transportation via new urban studies facilitated by technology arise.


This is a totally random but fun site that takes websites and makes them look like the good old days of Geocities.

It is nice to be able to go back and enjoy the flashing icons and random tiled wallpapers. Try some sites out, I especially liked Google and seeing easily the most constrained page on the web taken and Geocities-ized.

If I Can Dream

If anyone has seen the movie “The Truman Show” there is now a real version although the people living in it are aware of the fact.

I found this awhile ago and have not heard much about it since but it amazes me that it has lasted almost a month without major complaints about invading privacy.  Also the site is made with flash.

IE6 Funeral

I found this article and initially thought it was a joke.  Either way it makes the important point that by Google discontinuing support for IE6 we might finally see the market share drop significantly which makes designing websites much easier.  My only hope would be that IE go away altogether or have Microsoft make a good browser (don’t see that happening).