Phones replacing our wallets has an interesting article addressing the replacement of the antiquated credit card. It has already begun, and the website is claiming that 2011 is the year that making payments through your phone or mobile device will become increasingly commonplace. It make me wonder what other day-to-day activities could be replaced by mobile phones? Now with mobile boarding passes for airplanes, scannable billboards, and contact ‘bumping’ it seems that we will soon be able to eliminate our wallets.

Everything is miscellaneous and the organized chaos is maintained by your phone technology.

cnn article


Semi-Open Architecture

FreeGreen, whose slogan is “Making Green Design Accessible to All”, has recently created a new subsidiary called Better House Plans. The original concept of FreeGreen was to provide free or affordable house designs to anyone who wanted to download them. They claim to have had over 88,000 downloads thus far. These plans are for homes designed by their own company. The big difference now is that Better House Plans allows anyone to upload their own design to be sold through their ‘architectural design marketplace’. Of course they ultimately review and approve which ones will be sold, but it is a step in the right direction for open-source architecture.