Input States

public void updateobj()

//respond to the user input

if (isTouched && !wasTouched )
//first touch
//change the color
fColor = color(255,0,0);
//remember the velocity 
lastXVel = xVel;
lastYVel = yVel;

//stop the velocity
xVel = 0;
yVel = 0;

println("first touch");
else if ( isTouched && wasTouched )
//start dragging or something
//change the color
fColor = color(255,0,0);
xVel = 0;
yVel = 0;
println("continue to touch");

else if (!isTouched && wasTouched )
//change the color to green
fColor = color(0,255,0);

//apply normal velocity
xVel = lastXVel;
yVel = lastYVel;

println("first not touch after a touch");
//i haven't been interacted with in some time
//im bored, let me do something else

{ //on some interval, change direction
ticks = 0;

println("not touched && wasnt touched");

//respond to the environment
 //bounce off the edge
//collide with something else

//update position based on velocity
xLoc += xVel;
yLoc += yVel;


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