Open Source vulnerabilities

Heres a link and article i stumbled upon why looking through my LinkedIn page.

Article describes how open source libraries and codes are very vulnerable to attacks, hackers and threats.  They state that a huge portion of the open source library that many companies use is subject to these attacks or hackers and that information may easily be taken from those who use the code .  They also state that even when a risk or vulnerability is exposed or found little is done to remedy it or let the users know, and that in order to keep track of all the open source libraries and codes users and companies would have to spend tons of time online, on blogs and forums just to hear from people and see what may be happening with the codes.  I dont know all that much about open source and these kinds of things but its interesting how everything gets so easily in a way attacked and corrupted, especially things that we use on a daily basis, if you read through the list of most affected codes some of them are by top companies such as google.  These codes may be infected and used to extract important information from companies which could be a risk to everyone but to me it seems like that would have always been a risk with an open source code that anyone can use and manipulate (although i do not know how all these things work).  Anyway i thought this article was somewhat interesting due to the fact that open source is used a lot not and large companies use it.


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