Assignment 4

For Assignment 4 i made triangles and changed a lot of parameters with the triangles that at first i was not sure what it would do but at the end it came out quite interesting.  some of the parameters or values i added into the custom class of random colors started to make the triangles see throught, so you were able to see one under the other which i thought was pretty kool because once they overlapped you still get to see them.

Then also i added a rotation into the code which actually made the triangles rotate through 3d space, so on mouse click they all start appearing and floating but at the same time slowly rotating as they are moving along the screen which was another pretty interesting factor.   It also depended on where i put the rotation code because if i inserted it into certain parts of the code it would actually on mouse click open up a new window or change the previous one into a window where the triangles were just rotating and once i released the mouse the screen would go back to triangles just appearing onto the screen.


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