Project Idea: Interactive Node War

My first ideas for the final project was to continue on with my room controller idea and have my project be about utility and have it serve a function that was very technical. After some thought though and reworking some of my initial ideas I decided to change what I wanted my project to be. I wanted to still have some sense of utility or rather a technical aspect to it, but I wanted it to focus on expanding it and the interaction between the systems and making it into a game.

So my idea for my project is that there a few nodes, or input points, that are located in different places and that all interact with each other. These nodes each have a set number of cubes, color, etc. that can only exist in one node at a time. Now people can call them to another node, but it then steals it from the node it was at. Sort of link in the game Tentacle wars where you have to send out your own objects in the node to attack another and take it over.



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