Final Project Proposals

Hey guys,

So for the final project I have about 3 ideas that I’d like to pursue. I don’t know which one to pursue yet but I will play with each until I am comfortable I can achieve one.

Project #1
Music Visualization + Processing

This idea involves using processing and the addon Minim to create a music visualizer similar to the one seen below and for the final installation bringing in some music device, perhaps turntables to allow users to interact via scratching records etc, and watching the visualization react.

I love music, and my hobby before college was DJ’ing. Some of my friends still dj, and they have gotten into video dj’ing, which involves not only mixing together songs, but blending music videos to go along with them. Unfortunately, not every song has a music video, and I figured this might be a nice application which can develop a visualization on screen for those songs.

Project #2:
Beer Pong+Processing:

This idea would involve some more hands on interaction. It would work nicely in the crown hall game proposed by Tim Lee. the intention would be to use buckets and a ball with sensors in each bucket that could track movement. Once a sensor goes off, it tells processing to take action, by either putting a puzzle piece into place, or filling the screen with what would represent beer. It is a game that would involve some skill, and could possibly involve players in both virtual and physical environments. Here is a sketch:

Project #3:
This is a muse interaction, which takes 2D particles, and using light produced via processing makes them seem 3D. They follow your mouse and react to clicks. There are many examples on openprocessing and I found myself messing around with them for no reason. Although there is no end result in the current productions, I’d like to use this idea as a drawing tool. It would track mouse movements and the particles would stay by not refreshing the background. Giving a cool visual result. Here is sort of what I’m talking about:
Press P in this example:
The visuals and mouse interaction would be similar to :

So, Basically combine the two and the end result would be a pretty cool drawing tool, which may create some interesting digital art.

I am willing to talk to people with similar ideas, to come to a consensus on which project would be best suited for this class and for a group idea.



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