“Real” Gaming

I have never really gotten into video games.  For as long as I can remember any computer game that I play is similar more to Tetris or pin-ball than anything close to the games of today, such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. I felt that it was never as fun watching the game unfold on the screen as it would be to really be apart of something.  When I was younger, I liked the video games that used special controller to make the game more realistic.  Today, technology is advancing to make gaming more interactive, with graphics and sensory games like the Kinect system.  However, this video shows how far all the technologies of today could go to really bring a gamer into a more realistic situation.  Multiple types of gaming and projection equipment were put to use building a Battlefield 3 Simulator that makes even the real life experts feel like they are really there in the middle of the story.  Now that is a game I would be willing to try.


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