How Target knew his daughter was pregnant… before he did.

A recent trend for stores, especially large corporate chains is the data collection area of what a shopper buys and looks at. We have all seen on Amazon the “recommended products” or “items people also look at that look at this”. These are end results and parts of the data collection system embedded within the sites we visit.

These sites track our habits offering products based on our interests, with the hopes that it gets us to buy more (and it works). This article featured last week covered a story about a father who was outraged when Target automatically started sending his daughter printed ads highlighting baby products. He thought Target was extremely irresponsible and was trying to subliminally tell his daughter to get pregnant.

Long story short, the father called back later in the week and ends up apologizing to Target because he found out that his daughter was pregnant… in the end… Target found out his daughter was pregnant before he knew. This is an amazing example of how sensors can play a role in our life (even if in a scary fun way). In the future, they may know exactly what we need, when we need it through this information sensing.

[original article here]


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