David Bowen | kinetic, robotic and interactive sculptural works

David Bowen is an artist that does lots of sculptural works utilizing sensors and data driven ideas. As a disclaimer… many of his ideas are… out there. And many of them seem a little ridiculous as no seemingly useful application can be remotely found in any way. However, I think that is a testament of the language and ideas and how young this whole movement really still is. We are at a point in time where more experimentation and ideas are able to become a reality with computers and sensors becoming more affordable. This gives artists a chance to really explore many ideas they may have. For example…

Simulated grass moving:

tele-present wind from david bowen on Vimeo.

Drawing a trees growth:

Fly Tweets:

Still fun nonetheless though… Link to his site to visit all his other works. I recommend checking them out.


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