Assignment 3 – Drawing from data

In this third learning exercise you are asked to create a procedural drawing using processing.  Starting with an xml data file of your own development, use the xml data to generate X number of custom class objects.

As we saw in class this week, it is quite simple to create a relatively large XML dataset using the XML functionality built into Microsoft Excel.  As demonstrated this process begins with creating a sample xml file which establishes the structure of the data.  For instance:

– Here is a pretty straightforward example which follows the in class example from Wednesday.

As a point of departure for this exercise use the linked files below:  The basic structure of the sketch is provided and commented to help direct your efforts.  In short you will need to define a custom class, using the xml data during instantiation of the custom class.  The class need not be animated or interactive, but simply produce a dynamic field drawing.

For more examples and class information for working with XML in processing, refer to the XMLElement reference on the processing website.  For more information on generating custom classes and the concept of object orientation, visit the learning section.

Assignment 3 Files


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