Bus-Tops | Class Project?

Figured I’d get my class project submission out of the way. I think it’d be fun to enter in this competition called Bus-Tops. This is a competition for design entries to be shown on LED panels that are on top of 30 different London bus stops. The LEDs run black and red, and the design proposals are not meant to be user interactive (no sensors). Bus-Tops teamed up with OpenProcessing.org to be able to make this competition since this is normally something that is given to an artist in Europe. The top 10 entries (voted on) will guaranteed be shown across London bus stops. The competition deadline is this Feb 28th so we would need to get started right away and put everything else on hold. More information can be found here.

Some openprocessing entries:

The way it connects back to processing is we just would need to each create our own sketch that is 512x160px / 8fps / grayscale output. Most entries are looping images or hold some sort of visual pattern. You can see their competition page here.

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