4D Virtual Reality Park

So not exactly what Archigram probably had in mind with their park, but there is definitely some overlap. Seems to be pretty close to what professor was talking about.

D’strict created a ‘live park’ 4D Virtual reality theme park that allows each user to uniquely experience the park. It starts off by allowing you to create your own avatar that will follow you along in adventures, no matter where you are in the park through an RFID bracelet.

The park comprises over 16 interactive art and music installations, five virtual reality games, four performance spaces, a lounge, and ten other attractions, all organized under seven ‘stages’ or themes.

Live Park is currently in South Korea, but there are plans to create more in China and Singapore. D’strict, the creator, is currently in talks with Hollywood and they are hoping to announce in March plans for a facility in LA or Las Vegas!


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