Another fun flash program that I came across called stardust. This one was pretty amazing in the programming (you can get the code for it – but its flash). It was hard to tell how exactly the program worked. Depending on which circles you have where the flow would change. And although its just a simple river flow system it seemed to have a “stardust” effect with some ambiguity to it so that it would flare off in unique ways. The other great thing about it was the use of color to where you could really never recreate the same image twice.

I think this type of programming would be challenging to achieve in processing, but I know I have seen it done before. Hopefully it helps give everyone else an idea of what to do for a project or where to take it. Possibly the best part of the program for me was the slight float that the circles were given so that they gently would keep gliding, it was a nice touch.


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