Liquid Particles

Found a cool website with a flash program called ‘liquid particles’. The program was developed by a guy, Daniel Puhe, who is a freelance designer and seems like programmer in his free time. Link to the program here.
Here you can see the particles populating from the center, then they eventually gravitate and ‘ball’ around the cursor area if placed inside the program box. With a click of the mouse you are able to send the particles shooting and bouncing away from the cursor.
The only problem I encountered was some lag time in the program. I tried it on 3 different computers and experience the same problem (maybe you will have different results?). Even in my screen captures you can sometimes see 2 fades of one particle. The whole system felt and visually looked sluggish, which may have been how it was programmed, however I don’t think so. Seems like this is where processing would do some good – the ability to draw and redraw thousands of items of without any lag.


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